S. Amarjit Singh was born to Mahant Ram Parkash in the year of 1939 in Lyalpur, now in Pakistan. His mother's name was Smt. Karnail Kaur. His father was a farmer and a religious man. Just before the partition on India-Pakistan, they moved to Sandhra Sondhian village of Hoshiarpur district.

At the time of partition, he was just seven-eight years old and he witnessed the cruelty of riots. He saw the dreadful scene of a crawled train full of dead bodies and drenching with blood at Kathar railway station. He is still unable to forget that moment.

Although he was never able to concentrate in his studies but still he did my primary education from Nanda Chaur and  Matriculation from Govt. High School, Pajodiyota.

Then he tried his luck in getting some technical knowledge and joined a factory of spare parts in Banga. But he left the job after six months because of the pressure of his parents. This sparked some anger in his mind and he left my home. After returning back, he worked in a cycle factory in Hoshiarpur. The job was not of his kind and he was not able to earn as per his desires. Like most of the youths, he also was willing to earn handsomely and live lavishly. He had a dream to go abroad and earn. During these turmoil's he was engaged to Pushpa Devi. He got a deal with someone for Rs. 1700/- to go abroad but it was quite hard for him to arrange this amount at that time.

He sold his part of ancestral land in rural area against the wish of his parents and started to live in a rented place. With the money he got after selling his share, he arranged for his marriage. On the day of 8th of August, he was married to Pushpa Devi. He kept some money for his migration to a foreign country.

Most of the people consider the month of August, unlucky for the auspicious occasion of ones marriage, but for him it proved very lucky. After his marriage, within two months, he was able to get his Visa for England. His wife proved very helpful in his every decision and in every kin & kith of his life. After getting there he was unable to get any job for six months. But once he got the job he started sending some money to his parents. He sent Rs. 10000/- to his parents, that he borrowed from his friends. His parents bought a land in Model Town, Hoshiarpur.

He called hsi wife to England in 1965. She also started to work with him in the same factory he was working in. They worked for days and nights and got themselves established. During this time they were blessed with a baby boy and a baby girl. Their kids proved very lucky for them and they bought the same house, they used to live on rent. After some time He sold this house and returned to India to fulfill his financial requirements. His tenure of this period in India was a mess because of one reason or the other and he decided to move back to England. In 1972, he returned back to England and work hard. Again in 1976, he was able to purchase a villa of 12 rooms in Hammer Smith. His second daughter was born in this very villa. By the grace of God, he is still owing this place.

In 1980, his wife Pushpa Devi fell ill. Her conditions worsened with every passing day and doctors asked us to pray as they had tried their best. But his better half who had helped in all his ups & downs of his life assured him of her company and soon she started to regain her health.

During these times he started working as a building constructor. In the starting years he did really well but after 9 years, he suffered a great loss. Everything was lost. Without being dishearten, he started again from the scratch. he also started a hardware shop alongwith his construction works. God helped him and he got back all the goods, he had to depart earlier. He remain committed to his work and his wife helped him both mentally and physically. He sold his 7 acres of land in Hayes (England) in 2005 and with this amount he thought to start an educational institute in India. He started the construction on a land that was purchased by him earlier in 1963. In the beginning he started with two rooms but soon he started to work on a full fledged campus under the name of Baba Sri Chand Ji Public School. The principal Mrs. Rupinder Kaur, Madam Mamta and helper Barjinder Kaur put in their best efforts to bring the school to its laurels. Now-a-days the school is quite popular among the nearby villages.

Under the guidance of the dedicated team members of the school, children are able to get the academic as well as the knowledge of moral values. He has kept the level of education to such a standard so that the children remain away from social evils and drug addiction.

As the school is located on the outskirts of the city and people in nearby areas didn't let their girls go to city for higher education. Keeping this in view, we have started numerous vocational courses like Fashion Designing, Dress Designing, Computer Training, etc. in the school premises, under the name of Baba Sri Chand Ji Vocational Centre, for the needy people of the nearby areas. A number of professional courses are also being conducted by Baba Sri Chand Ji Charity under the name of Sikkim Manipal University, Learning Centre at 100-R, Model Town, Hoshiarpur. All the courses are affiliated to Sikkim Manipal University. Earlier we were offered 4-5 seats for each course, but with the increasing popularity and the response of the people, the seats are increased by the affiliated University. Now we have more than 100 seats for each course.

Now, as with the grace of God he is able to fulfill my dreams he has started to serve the mankind by helping to establish a charitable hospital. In the nutshell, he has never been dishearten and learnt from the failures of his life. Today he owe all his success to Baba Sri Chand Ji and to his family, who always stood with him in every dark part of his life.

His whole family came to India in 2007 and they celebrated the birthday of Baba Sri Chand Ji with great hue and gay. It was a memorable day for them.  His children returned rejoicing back to England and he is serving the Baba Sri Chand Ji Society and all the institutes under the name of Baba Sri Chand.

He wish that all the institutions named by Baba Sri Chand ji attain a great success.

Amarjit Singh

Baba Sri Chand Ji Educational Society (Regd.)
Tanda Road, Khun-Khun Khurd, P.O. Lachowal, Hoshiarpur (Pb.), INDIA