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Advantages of Vocational Courses

Vocational studies are comprised of practical hands-on work combined with theory. The studies include on-the-job learning, where the student learns first hand in environments specifically geared to their area of study. These qualifications provide a solid basis for working life and the eligibility for further studies in a polytechnic or academic university.

The vocational education and training is provided by Baba Sri Chand Ji Vocational Centre and as apprenticeship training. The duration of the course may vary if a student has earlier studies and work experience.

Adult education is open to everyone

Vocational adult education and training

  • leads to qualifications
  • develops professional competence or
  • supports leisure time interests

Anyone can partake of the benefits of adult education regardless of their educational background. The adult education programme enables students to complete basic vocational or specialist vocational qualifications.

Adult education is even less constrained to a particular time & place, making it possible to study and work simultaneously. The training utilizes the latest instruction methods, such as data technology and the opportunities offered by multimedia and network-based education.