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Baba Sri Chand Ji Charitable Society (BSCJCS) is mainly emphasizing education and self-development so that those who benefit from BSCJCSs services may help others in the process. People who partake of BSCJCSs programs are not seeking pity or alms; rather, they are taking responsibility for their own economic and educational advancement and thus becoming self-reliant, positive contributors to society.

BSCJCS is at present has a number of projects under its feather to uplift the underprivileged.

  1. Computer Literacy Mission
    Basic Course
    This course includes basic computer knowledge viz., DOS commands, word, excel, internet and e-mail. Separate premises have been created to conduct this course.
    Intermediate Course
    This course includes basic course in DTP that includes the knowledge about PhotoShop, Corel, Adobe Illustrator, etc. Separate faculties have been contracted to conduct this course.
    Advance Course
    This course includes the advance computer knowledge viz., C, C++, Visual Basic, etc. Separate faculties have been contracted to conduct this course.
  2. English Literacy Mission
    This course help the poor to communicate effectively in English. This course lays special emphasizes on preparing the students for different interviews and to overcome any kind of hindrances in their life.
  3. Angan Wadi Mission
    This course help the ladies to be self dependent by working at their own. BSCJCS helps them to start small scale unit by providing the adequate training and knowledge in various programs.
  4. Clean & Green India Mission
    BSCJCS provides the basic knowledge to the poor and underprivileged about the benefits of cleanliness and the pollution free environment. BSCJCS conduct a number of workshops for the aforesaid task and help to plant trees from time to time.
  5. BSCJCS have a number of plans under their sleeves to start in the short span of time. They are planning to launch Courses in Nursing, Beautician Courses, Tailoring & Fashion Designing Courses, etc.