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  1. To start, promote, assist and carry on socio-economic, educational programs for the welfare and development underprivileged.
  2. To start, maintain, promote or sponsor computer training centers to provide training in skills and trades for employment purposes.
  3. To educate, render help, assistance in any form and /or to implement any scheme for the welfare of the community in terms of health, water and sanitation programs, etc.
  4. To provide computer education to all sections of underprivileged people for nominal fee.
  5. To give, provide and/or render help and assistance to the persons and animals affected by natural calamities or by poverty, sickness etc.
  6. To give scholarships, stipends, prizes, rewards, awards, allowances and /or any kind of assistance to students, scholars, researchers from the underprivileged with the view to help them in pursuing their studies in any form of academic pursuit or research.
  7. To start, maintain, promote and/ or aid old age homes, homes for mentally retarded persons, handicapped, street children etc.
  8. For advancement of all or any of the aforesaid objects, the Society shall have authority
    • To acquire by gift, purchases, exchanges lease on hire any land, buildings and any property movable and /or immovable and for any interest for the all or any of the objects of society.
    • To build and maintain houses, structures or buildings and alter, repair enlarge or modify the same including any existing buildings and all other necessities for the use to which such buildings is to be put up or held.
    • To sell, transfer, exchange, manage, demise, lease or dispose of the properties whatever (Movable or Immovable) belonging to the society.
    • To solicit obtain or accept subscription, donation, grants, gifts from any person, firms, Bank or Local Authorities or corporate bodies like Khadi and Village Industries Commission and /or state KVI Board and/or any Institutions and/or the Union/State Government.
    • To borrow and raise money with or without security, charge, Hypothecation or pledge of over all or any of the immovable or movable properties belonging to the society.
    • To open and conduct branches and to undertake such other activities for advancement of all or any of the objects of the society.
    • To utilize the profits of the institution in furtherance of the objects of the society and shall not be distributed amongst the members.