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Baba Sri Chand Ji Charitable Society
(BSCJCS) is an organization dedicated to the Educational and Economic upliftment of underprivileged regardless of religion or caste in the State of Punjab. It was founded by Mr. A. Singh and Mrs. P. Singh, a voluntarily retired NRI couple.

Hoshiarpur city in Punjab often presents itself as a city of NRI's. However, this Indian city of is also home to countless underprivileged residents who struggle against educational and economic odds and question their means of existence. BSCJCS is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote the welfare of underprivileged people. BSCJCS includes in its aims and objectives the enhancement of living conditions of the underprivileged in general.

BSCJCS is the outcome of like minded people from different socio economic professional backgrounds who came together to form an educational and rural development society with a view to promote need based educational programs to different categories of educationally disadvantaged groups for seeking better employment potentials.

Although varied minds and mindsets, all of them also pointed out the need of Information Technology courses for promoting and motivating entrepreneurship among the young people and hence, Baba Sri Chand Ji Computer Institute came into existence.

Since its inception, all the efforts and tremendous amount of work put in by the Founding Father and The President Mr. Amarjit Singh, along with the other team members made BSCJCS a growth which is undoubtedly tremendous.

Further, the society would need the Government and the support of the masses for the dreams to come true for a better state, a better nation and a totally new world.


The objective of the society is to implement programs that will help in the social and economic development of underprivileged in general.